Friday, November 9, 2012

Litter Robot Literally Randomly Starts/Stops Working

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  1. This didn't solve my particular issue, but put me on the track to isolate the problem. I'd point out that you can accomplish the same fix for your issue by simply feeding the cable out of the front fastener (the cable is held in with a plugged end). You then could tape it to the top of the plastic unit so it was always in a slacked/non-engaged position.

    The other common reason that people will find the base unit for the Litter Robot is stopping randomly is that the spring in the foot switch at the front of the unit has weakened. You'll find this to be the case if even if you tighten the switch it still randomly stops. The best fix is to replace the spring (I plan on doing this after vacation), but a temporary fix would be to unscrew the foot the whole way, disengaging it from the nut and metal switch depressor. You then can take a bit of paper and crumple it up to fill up the plastic foot and shorten the travel on the spring, which will make it properly engage the switch after its triggered.

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  3. Is anyone having an issue with the globe not rotating? Gear is moving but doesn't seem to grab the globe?

  4. Having the problem where the globe won't move and the yellow LED on the front, not even after unplugging the LR. The red LED on the front flashes after a few minutes, indicating the cat sensor has been triggered too much (according to the manual).
    After reading this post, I took the the steel wire from the front side of the base (there's a special cut in the plastic to guide the end of the cable). The LR works again as it did in the last four years.

    1. What happens from what I have seen is that the LR will start to warp the plastic. The plastic will move ever so slightly while turning the globe and that's what trips the cable. I am glad to hear that the fix worked for you.

    2. I am having the same problem, can you please explain your fix in a little more detail Thanks

    3. Sorry for the delay I have been very busy lately - what is the problem that you are having exactly? In other words what can I clarify for you?

      To reiterate: There is a steel cable in the base. If you follow that steel cable it reaches a metal plate that acts as a switch. You can disconnect the leads connected to the metal plate and connect them together so they always maintain contact.

      Or the more extreme option is to just cut the steel cable - that will work too.

      However just keep in mind this means if your cats are a little slow and they stick their tale in the shoot while it is turning (very unlikely) they will get pinched. Or if you stick your hand in there while it is rotating, your can will get caught. That's the purpose of this cable to detect tension and break the contact on the steel plate (switch).


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