Wednesday, May 9, 2012

DataGridViewButtonColumn Text Won't Show

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  1. does not work for me. I have a datagridview with a button column. table is empty and is populated by user. New row appears when previous row is populated with any data. No text appears on buttons at any time. the text that should appear is set in button.text property and is equal to "..." (as it opens a file dialog). i must mention that i dont't have any datasets due to a complex table (type of cells are generated based on other cell values etc..) and my lack of knowledge in C#

  2. Hi - I migrated my blog to wordpress. I will have trouble helping you without knowing what it is that you are doing exactly. Do the following test: 1. Add dummy data to your datasource, 2. The text should appear, but if it doesn't there is a different problem. -- where do you set your button text? On page load? I recommend setting it from the markup so it is always there if you can.


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