Friday, January 13, 2012

Notepad++ Errors: Doing a full Uninstall

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  1. Eli,

    I'm using the Snippets 1.1.0 plugin on Notepad++. One of my ongoing problems is I occasionally somehow make the Snippets window disappear. It happens so seldom (and I have neglected to write down the fix - which I seem to remember is rather simple) -- that here I am again - two hours of experimentation and I still can't get it to reappear. Any idea how I fix this ?

    Any help appreciated !

  2. I wish I could be more helpful than this, but did you try restarting your computer? Chances are you have already. The truth is I don't use any of the plugins for Notepad++, I should probably start though. Bet they are time savers most of them.

    I can imagine doing a full uninstall like above is not a favorable option for you. If I were you I would poke around in %appdata% and the install directory. Make a full backup of anything you want to mess around with (backup the whole directory) and start deleting things, replace with blank ones or editing files. Of course that could make it worse or unstable, but hell if it all goes south you have your backup and that has all of your settings in it.

    This honestly sounds like buggy software that the author(s) of the plugin need to resolve (obviously). Which unfortunately is the price we pay for free software :D (that's why I am a Microsoft whore).


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